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Treetop Walkway

The longest dry water slide in the Czech Republic! IT IS IN LIPNO! In the overall length of 675 meters you can experience quite unusual but safe experiences for 11 adrenaline stops that are created along the wheelchair accessible trails. The supreme experience is the longest dry water slide in the Czech Republic with a total length of 52 meters. The supreme experience of the dry trail is the longest dry water slide in the Czech Republic with a total length of 52 meters. The water slide can be used by only one person, for children from 6 years.
The trail in the tree-tops, Bavarian Forest National Park

The longest trail in the world in the tree-tops is in the German part of the Sumava, the length of 1,300 metres. Walk at a height of about 8 to 25 above the ground within unspoiled nature, this unique view from an unusual perspective is offered by the treetops footbridge in the Bavarian Forest National Park. The access road to the largest park of its kind in the world is located at the parking lot next to the paddocks for animals. The entrance tower is equipped with a lift, which provides a convenient and free access to pensioners, people in wheelchairs and parents with prams. Each visitor is enriched by genuine nature experience walking thru the footbridge mostly wooden structure that is carefully integrated into mixed forest. This surreal experience is enhanced by didactic orientation and sensory elements, which are located along the whole trail. You will get to know an unforgettable local landscape and its various forms of life in a new dimension.  The 1,300 metres long footbridge is ended by 44 meters high observation tower, from which a fantastic and almost unrestricted view is obtained: towards the Luzny top to an unsettled forest wilderness area, the second direction to carefully landscaped cultural country of the Bavarian Forest, with the Alps on the horizon.

We recommend: right at the parking lot where “Forest Zoo" begins. It is a free accessible hiking trail in the area of ​​animal enclosures that will guide you around the runs (and in the case of wild pigs and deer run) 45 kinds of animals living formerly or now or in the Sumava. You will have an opportunity to see: bison, wolves, wild boars, deers, bears, wild birds and small ones, but also marten, beaver, grouse, etc. The entire trail is 7 km long and you can do it in about 2-3 hours. Journey to the spot – cross bordering at Strazny and then take right on the very first junction in Germany, then follow the signs. Travel by car may take a bit more than an hour, but I definitely recommend visiting.